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Tamil Nadu Election Results 2016: TN Election Results

Tamil Nadu Election Results 2016

So many of you who are interested in politics and those who want to see a bright future of Tamil Nadu are here. Aren't you? Tamil Nadu Election Results 2016 are already out and we will be updating you with live results of Tamil Nadu election 2016 right here.
There were many parties and big guns who took part in this Tamil Nadu Lok Sabha elections 2016. But none of them might have thought that Amma would win the election this year. Jayalaithaa who is also known as Amma in Tamil Nadu has won the Tamil Nadu elections this year with 125 seats and DMK is on 2nd position with 91 seats. There was no space for other parties as they just settled for not more than 2 or 3 seats overall.

TN Election Results 2016

The BJP which is ruling party of the nation at the moment are eager to promote their campaigns all over the TN state this year. They are looking strong enough due to Narendra Modi support in TN Elections 2016.

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TN Elections 2016

Talking more about Tamil Nadu elections is to be held on 16th May 2016. As per the stats of 2011 lok sabha elections in TN, AIADMK party won the majority of the seats leaving DMK and DMDK alliance behind. They won total 150 seats which were fair enough to rule the state.

This year the promotions for Tamil Nadu Elections 2016 are on full flow as every party is trying to lure the voters. It is quite understandable that to win the election there are certain promises to be made. That's another thing that the promises are never kept but they are just for name sake. No matter who promises what, the Tamil Nadu voters are well aware of the current situation of the state and will vote to the right candidate only.

Tamil Nadu Election Results Detail

As far as the Tamil Nadu election results 2016 are concerned, the predictions are always with the leading party Amma. The reason is her good work and the ability to handle the worse situations. But there are many people who still think that Karunanidhi who owns DMK will win this time because of his huge turnover in the advertisements and give away. Meanwhile Jayalalitaa who is known for her advanced techniques to promote the election campaign has been offering free cell phones to all the people in the state. It is still not clear that she will give away these things after winning the Tamil Nadu elections or not.

But people still believe in her and as per the resports coming in India Today, already 18.3% people have given their votes by 9AM on 16th of May. Now this is huge turn around because we haven't seen such % of voting in any of the states, especially in morning. Maybe it might be due to the summer that people have come early to give their votes to the best party in Tamil Nadu elections 2016.

Who Will Make it in TN Elections 2016?

There are many predictions all around which have been made by the experts in TN Elections 2016. It is believed that two parties AIADMK and DMK will be fighting hard to rule the lok sabha elections of Tamil Nadu this year. As shown in the above image, it is quite clear that the Tamil Nadu elections will be held very competitively. Every time these two parties come into action during Tamil Nadu lok sabha elections, people often support their favorite ones.

It will be hard to say as of now because there's no hard and fast rule that only one party will win surely. Anyone can create history in their own day. Meanwhile, AAP and BJP seem to be struggling hard because they are nowhere in the picture as AIADMK and DMK parties have ruled the state since 1984.

No matter what are the Tamil Nadu election results 2016, we will keep you updated about all the information on this blog. Stay tuned for more updates right here!

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Kerala Election Results 2016: CLICK HERE TO KNOW

Kerala Election Results 2016:

The elections are on it's way and there are many updates going on regarding Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Asaam and Kerala Elections. Today, we are going to reveal the Kerala Elections Results 2016. We have seen that there are many parties that are trying hard to get into the leading position by getting more seats. But the results of Tamil Nadu Election made quite clear that history is no more set to repeat.

Kerala Election Result 

As per the reports coming in from NDTV, which is the best news channel in India, the results are shocking. This time BJP is not in the leading party and UDF is also all set to lose it's control in the Kerala Elections 2016.

The reports and the current counting suggest that there are many aspects that can change the ruling party in this year's Kerala Elections 2016. It's LDF leading with 90 seats. It is sitting well on top with UDF having 48 seats under it's belt. It is not finalized yet but LDF will surely make it's way as a majority party with most of the assembly seats.

here's the detailed image wherein you can easily see that LDF party is leading in Kerala Election Results 2016.

Was This Election Result Expected?

When we talk about the Tamil Nadu Election Results, it wasn't expected that AIADMK will be in leading position. But when it comes to Kerala it was always expected that LDF will win this year's election.

We will keep you updated as more and more updates come in from the lading news channels of India.

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Jayalalithaa's AIADMK Won with Majority: TN Election Results

Tamil Nadu Election Results

As per the reports coming in from NDTV, there are rumors that Jayalalithaa'a party AIADMK is leading with total number of seats of 120+. And the DMK congress is in second position with almost 70+ seats. Seems like there is no space for BJP and other parties in Tamil Nadu Election 2016.

Jayalalithaa Leading from Front

Jayalalithaa, she is known as Amma, is all set to change the trend of alternate winning elections since 1984. It is quite understandable that she is desperate to change the tradition in Tamil Nadu which is more likely in the favor if DMK-Congress this year. If the previous predictions are to be believed, DMK party would have won. But looking at the current results, it's completely changed. And this might be just due to the perfect election promotion strategy adopted by Jayalalithaa's AIADMK party.

These are the results as of 10:20 AM. We will update you further as the news reporters come with a latest updates on Tamil Nadu Election Results.

She is All Set to Change the Trend

Over the past years, there has been a nice prediction that one year DMK wins the TN Election and the other year AIADMK wins it. But Jayalalithaa (AMMA) doesn't matter the tradition and is all set to change the trend in TN Elections 2016.

The fact that there were many predictions from the panel of experts in election commission that DMK would win has gone all wrong. The people have considered giving votes to the former leader Amma and the reason is her good Work as well. Whereas Karunanidhi has not been in the news for his election campaign strategies this year.

Stay tuned to our blog for latest udpates on Tamil Nadu election results 2016 right now!

Monday, 16 May 2016

DMK, AIADMK Ask Election Commission to Extend Voting Time

Extend in Voting Time Due to Rain?

As per the reports of TheHindu, it is quite clear that there are few areas in Tamil Nadu where there was heavy rainfall in the morning hours. And this is why people in such areas were not able to come out to voting centers.

Looking into the situation, the majority of the parties DMK, AIADMK and Congress has requested the Election Commission of India to extend the voting time for 2 or 3 hours in rain hit areas.

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TN Election 2016

Is it Really Safe to Extend Time?

As we all know that the evening time is best known for malpractices in the polling booths where various parties try to get extra votes for their candidates to win the election. Taking such situation into consideration, the EC might think to extend the voting time. As of now there's no such confirmation coming from the Election Commission of India said TN CEO.

Must Read: What Did RajniKanth Said About Voting in TN Elections

Till now there has been 63.7% of voting by 3PM in the afternoon which is almost the number of voting percentage as compared to the previous elections. So till the end of the day, we can always expect the numbers to go higher.

We will be keeping you updated regarding the latest news of Tamil Nadu elections 2016. Till then stay tuned to our blog and keep an eye on who's going to win the election this year. 

Superstar Rajnikanth Urges People to Vote in TN Elections 2016!

Tamil Nadu Elections 2016

We haven't seen anyone urging to vote more in numbers for any election. But this time, it's Rajnikanth, the Superstar who has asked people to vote for a change. This is not quite often seen when a non-political and an actor is asking people to vote for the state.

As per the reports coming in from the Stella Maris College premises in Tamil Nadu, Rajnikanth has clearly said that "Everybody should vote and that is our duty." His statement came at the right time when most of the people have not voted in the morning hours. We earlier clearly stated that there was 19% of voting till 9:30AM in the early morning.

Rajnikanth Statement Will Increase Vote Percentage?

Well, as of now, we cannot calculate such statistics but from the news coming in from the various official websites, it is quite clear that this year, the voting percentage will see a hike of almost 30-40% as compared to the last year's Tamil Nadu election. So it is not yet clear that whether Rajnikanth statement will increase the voting percentage or not but one thing is for sure, people are looking for a change in the government for sure. We have earlier reported some opinions and predictions here.

Rajnikanth at TN Elections 2016

What Did Rajnikanth Said About Distribution of Money

When a journalist asked Rajnikanth about the distribution of money by the candidates in their local areas, he didn't respond to the question and said, everyone must vote and this is our duty. And at last he clearly said, "NO COMMENTS." This one statement went viral on the internet and seems like people are already started walking to the voting centers. 

Meanwhile, Kamala Hasan who is not known for his political background has also urged people to vote more and more so that the results are in the favor of the best party the people want in Tamil Nadu. It is quite clear that these superstars are indicating that people want a chance. And if they want a chance in the Tamil Nadu elections 2016, they need to come out and vote in huge numbers. 

You can stay tuned to blog to get more updates on the TN election latest news, polls, surveys, results and everything.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Tamil Nadu Elections 2016 Opinion, Survey, Predictions

Tamil Nadu Election 2016 Winner Predictions

So overall, it was a good day for people voting their favourite parties. It will be interesting to see the winner prediction of Tamil Nadu Elections 2016. According to the experts, it is quite clear that DMK party has the upper hand in this year's Tamil Nadu elections.

And there are many lesser chances that ADMK will win this year. Although, this is not the official prediction by any of the election committee but still it can be considered as we have immense knowledge on writing about the elections every year. Last year we predicted that BJP will win with majority and will not need to alliance with any of the ruling party and that became true.

TN Elections 2016 Survey

In our previous post, we have already stated that there has been 18% of voting till 9AM which is very good as compared to last year and other states. Now this Tamil Nadu election survey was conducted by TheHindu. As far as we are concerned with out team and the panel working for this blog, it is expected that 70% of voting would be done by the end of the day. It's still not clear that who will win Tamil Nadu Elections in 2016 but M. K Stalin has already stated that people wants a change and they don't want JayaLalithaa to come back into the power again. Here is one source from Times of India showing the voters opinion about the Tamil Nadu assembly elections of 2016. Have a glimpse at it.

Tamil Nadu Voters Opinion 2016

Tamil Nadu Lok Sabha Election Survey 2016

Well, if these numbers are to be believed, AIADMK party will be leading this year. By this you can easily understand that who will win this years Tamil Nadu election with majority of the seats. It's quite clear that AIADMK will get almost 130 seats this year and DMK will get 32% of the share in the lok sabha.

What's Your Opinion About TN Elections 2016?

We would also like to know your opinion about the same. We have predicted our winners but what people think about it is also important. So give it a try on this blog to make sure that your opinion is also in front of all the Tamil Nadu state. 

People Don't Want Jayalalitha to Come Back: M.K Stalin

Can JayaLalithaa Come Back This Time?

As per the reports coming in from TheHindu,  which is the leading news portal online, stated that "DMK Alliance will win in all constitutes and people don't want JayaLalithaa to come back into power." This statement was given bye M.K Stalin right after he casts the vote for this year's Tamil Nadu Election 2016.

Do You Want JayaLalithaa to Win? 

There are rumors floating all around that people in Tamil Nadu are looking for a change. This makes it quite clear that they are certainly not happy with the way Amma has ruled the state for the last 5 years.

The fact cannot be denied that she has helped TN in many ways but the people are expecting a lot more this time. The hikes in prices for all the products in the market is certainly a challenging one who wins the Tamil Nadu Election 2016.
M.K Stalin

Meanwhile, there are many other perspectives that can be taken into consideration as far as elections are concerned. 

Despite of Rain, Huge Numbers in Voting

There have been heavy rains in some areas of Tamil Nadu, especially Madurai but the people aren't caring about it and they have turned in huge numbers to vote their favorite party. 

Now this is a very good result when it comes to overall voting percentage. Till 9AM, more than 18% people have turned to vote. This could be really beneficial for a party that wins. Because last time the elections were held only 55% voters appeared to vote for the Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu. But this year, it doesn't look like it. It will be surely above 60% as far as our predictions are concerned.